Long lost CD finally recovered

I’ve recovered a lost treasure of mine and now I can share the tracks with you (below).

When I originally began meditating in the late 80s, early 90s, I received inspirational ‘messages’ that came to me in pockets of complete information containing thoughts, visuals, complex understandings of connections of different subjects. I wrote these down immediately after meditation and these writings flowed in fairly poetic language.  Reading them to people in California where I was staying, received enthusiastic feedback with a recommendation that I make them into an audio cassette.

Square cd NSOn returning to Australia I took 17 of my favourite spiritual writings and compiled them onto Nourishment For Your Soul CD (audio cassette at the time).  I wondered where I was going to get backing music for the tracks and as synchronicity would have it my partner at the time met a fellow who studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.  He and two others were looking for paintings for their own cassette covers, so we bartered.  Dave Pickvance was the Engineer and played keyboard, Warren Connors played classical guitar and Chris Jackson played the oboe.  Together they made magic and enhanced the tracks incredibly with their beautiful sound.

This CD together with two other guided relaxations that I’m still trying to retrieve – they got chewed up on a quickly dying hard drive which I’d forgotten to back up – sold modestly well through relaxation and new age shops in Queensland and to psychologists and counsellors.

When my hard drive gave up the ghost, along with the masters of these three guided CDs, a part of me was relieved as I was going through subtle yet considerable inner changes and wanted to let them go, along with other parts of my past.  The energy had gone stale and my enthusiasm dwindled as I yearned to do more inner work and move through another part of my mid-life transition.  So for a while the CDs rested, forgotten – lost.

Today, I found three original copies in some old CD shelving in an infrequently visited part of the office.  Excited, I put one in my computer, only to be disappointed when it wouldn’t play.  CD number two went the same way. I spent about an hour trying different ways to lift the tracks from these CDs, but in vain.

I’m consciously practising mindfulness at the moment and so this whole episode wasn’t as dramatic as it might have been. However, I was still disappointed. Now that I’d set my heart on retrieving them, to have them fail was not an option.

CD three – Nourishment For Your Soul however, was a success and I have cut a few copies from the old ‘master’.  Printed with a sparkling new label designed by local Ben Foster, it’s a beauty.

A triumph of patience, determination and lots of serendipity, Nourishment For Your Soul lives again!

Back in the day when I was selling them through different outlets, the other two CDs, One Minute Relaxation Technique and Ocean of Tranquillity, were the best sellers.  While I loved Nourishment For Your Soul though, I was always at a loss as how to explain it when people asked me what it was about.  “It’s relaxing, short sound bytes of inspiration”, I’d mutter, sounding unsure.  Well that went well.  Or not.  And the result was they didn’t really sell that well. I didn’t mind though, they were a reminder of my meditation experiences which had been so transformational for me and those that listened to the sound bytes loved it.

Doorway to the Inner World

Today, when I was listening to the tracks as I copied them over, I realised what they are and got very excited!  They are Inner World messages and glimpses into the realms that we can each find when we journey into our Inner World.

If you do not yet know where you fit, I suggest you try seeking it in receptive silence.  I used to walk amid the beauties of nature, just receptive and silent, and wonderful insights would come to me.  Peace Pilgrim

My work these days it totally focused on facilitating others to find their Inner Doorway, so they may enter their own Inner World and find guidance, love, healing, transformation, inspiration, creativity and purpose as I have done.  And the “aha!” moment for me today was realising that Nourishment For Your Soul is just that!  A powerful and beautiful tool to allow others to experience and perhaps enter their own Inner World as they listen!

All you need to do to receive guidance is to ask for it and then listen.  Sanaya Roman

It wasn’t really that my CDs were not salable before. It was that I wasn’t ready and it wasn’t their time.

Now though it is their time.  And I can’t wait to share them!

If you’re interested in hearing a couple of tracks, I have them on SoundCloud.  You can access them here: https://soundcloud.com/aannsha-jones/sets/inner-world


And if you are interested in knowing more about this CD, please do comment below.


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