Meditation Revelations

… from my friend Sandy. In her blog Hearts Landscapes, Sandy discussed her experience at this week’s meditation which I facilitated in Beerwah.  I was extremely glad to read her insights.

I went out on a limb this time as I usually follow a set pattern with the meditations, choosing to keep a sense of continuity and familiarity that allows everyone to feel safe in a space and context that is known (and loved).

Every week I present a different meditation technique, from mindfulness to guided visualisation.  This week I had a strong urge to introduce a mindfulness practice, using colouring in as the technique.  This presented a problem in that we usually sit in comfortable chairs in a circle around a floor centre piece.  This allows for us to feel a sense of connection and flowing energy. So the difficulty this week was that in order to give everyone space to colour in, with a choice of pencils each, we’d need tables.  That immediately set everyone apart, and entering the space gave the feeling of a school room instead of the usual meditation ambiance.

“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.”

-Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Despite feeling the strangeness myself, I knew deep down that this is a good practice, and decided to go with it as my guts were telling me to press on.

My beautiful meditators in both morning and evening groups were initially thrown, and for most it brought up issues of expectations – and how we all deal with change.

After sharing, there was a great sense of relief and for a couple a huge transformation occurred, as they were able to let go of old worn habits that served only to keep them unhappy and irritated when expectations were not met.

As well as providing the majority with a good focusing and relaxing tool, this simple practice of putting pen to paper, while remaining focused on one’s body and then thoughts and feelings, was a gem of the highest order.

So here’s Sandy’s blog if you’d like to read her insights.  Sandy’s blog Hearts Landscapes

One last comment I’d like to make is:

A big thank you in the most heart-warmed and appreciative way to all group members, who said that while they initially felt put off by the unexpected arrangement, they trust that I have their highest good at heart, and so continued the meditation.  This allowed them to discover a world of insight, to release old programming and to find a sense of peace and joy.  I am so honoured to facilitate these groups, and every week your feedback nourishes me no end. ❤



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