Quantum Resonance Chamber

Quantum Resonance ChamberThis week’s meditation sprang from a conversation with Sandy about tapping into our inner world’s connection with quantum healing energy.

I was greatly inspired from our lively and thought provoking discussion, as well as drawing on what feels like ‘ancient’ personal history from my pre-mothering years when I was deeply immersed in quantum concepts raised in books such as the Oversoul Seven Trilogy by Seth/Jane Roberts and participing in courses such as DNA Orion Healing and Command Cellular Healing.

Our discussion led me to review my own previous experiences from deep meditation, a spontaneous diksha activation right at the start of my spiritual journey, and more recent inner transpersonal shamanic dreamings and journeys, as well as shadow release work.  It occurred to me that over the years, I have uncovered many genuine pearls of wisdom along the way. And I don’t say that to blow my own trumpet – I’m actually saying that because I want to share with you that it is very possible to discover life-changing wisdom in this day and age.

The trick though, is not so much reading about it.  One has to DO it.  ACTIVATE it.  EMBODY it.

My thoughts turned to my wonderful meditation group members who trust me each week to mindfully take them on journeys into the Inner World.  We go on many adventures, we cry sparkling healing tears and are often lit up with the rarefied energy that comes with meditation. I have seen us all grow over the months – stepping gracefully into our incredible awesomeness!  And now, after talking with Sandy, I wanted to take us further!

So I went within and communed with my inner guiding Essence, who took me to my Sacred Inner Garden where I discovered something new!  It was a bright and glowing structure deep in the heart of my garden.  What was it?  I went further, and as I approached, I saw it had an interaction panel on the outside.  Intuiting how to use it, I then stepped inside of what I realised was a Quantum Resonance Chamber.  In there, was the ability to activate the resonance of the reality my heart desired – yearned for.  I soaked in the energy. And on a cellular level,  I felt a shift.

I knew what to do.Discover Resonance Chamber in Sacred Garden

This week, I shared this chamber with the ladies in the meditation group, and everyone had an amazing experience.  While I took them on a journey to the Sacred Inner Garden where they discovered their chamber, and talked them through using the interaction panel, guiding them inside, and how best to absorb the new resonance, I was encouraged to hear afterwards, that many of them experienced similar sensations.

Angelic presence.  Floating.  Lightness of being.  Glowing.  Expansiveness.  Peace.  Love.

I am sure the background music played a large part too – composed and played by Anjey Satori – the resonance of the sounds added to our experience.

Everyone ‘drank’ in that resonance and stayed with the energy for several minutes until the meditation came to an end and all returned, wearing a quantum resonance ‘skin’ which we also learned to activate in our daily life, if needed. (Remember that ladies! 😉 )

This meditation, I feel, is the beginning of a new and exciting journey for me and those who wish to join me in my weekly meditations.

Oh, and for all you wonderful participants who asked on Thursday – Yes, I’ll be making a CD of the journey for you. 🙂

Quantum Resonance Chamber

Note to self: research a top quality hands free wireless mic.



2 thoughts on “Quantum Resonance Chamber

  1. It was a great meditation session Aannsha. Thank you for that. I agree with you also Anjey’s music is really very special. I came home and made a Mandala in the yard made from bits and pieces from my garden and my collections. I had done this within the meditation and enjoyed using it as a bridge between my worlds. Bringing aspects of the meditation experience into my everyday life is a new experience for me. Look forward to the CD release!

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    1. Thanks so much for your feedback Sandy. I loved your mandala, please post a link here to your blog, so others can see it too. As soon as I get my new headset, I’ll make the CD – and others!

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