Hold up! Mars goes retrograde


Are you feeling frustrated, impatient or low in energy? Astrologically, planetary movements can reflect patterns within us, especially when those planets make specific aspects to our own natal planets.

Mars is going retrograde soon and will be going back into Scorpio from Sagittarius. Specifically, the Mars retrograde starts on 17th April 2016 at 9° Sagittarius and stations direct on 29th June at 23° Scorpio.

“Retrograde” means when the planet looks from Earth as if it is moving backwards relative to its previous movement in the sky. Of course it isn’t actually moving backwards but interestingly it can have an effect on our energy, depending on which planet it is, the sign it is in, and what angles it makes (if any) to our own natal planets (where the planets were when we were born).

If you have planets or house cusps that make aspects to this Mars transit you may feel more deeply affected: low energy, low libido, or frustration at not moving forward. Watch out for impatience or flares of anger if things don’t pan out as you want them to.

Aries or Scorpio people may feel affected more strongly, although you may naturally take a slower pace. At any rate keep an awareness on any tendency towards anger/energy/sexuality/impulsiveness. It might be a better idea to take slow steps towards goals rather than rush blindly into new ventures.

This can stir up frustration at not moving forward as fast as we want like Sagittarius jumping in bounds when Mars is in that sign.

We are challenged to go in deep and heal as much as we can so when Mars goes direct again in a couple of months we have released as many blocks from our psyche as possible to liberate ourselves even further.

Shadow healing image

The good news is that either side of the retrograde, in the shadow periods, we have the opportunity to do very real healing as our energy is better suited to deep inner healing. We have till the 16th April and again from 30th June till 22nd August 2016 to take advantage of these healing periods. Physical health, relationships and areas of personal sabotage can all benefit from the focus and energy of these shadow periods.

Our challenge is to keep moving towards our goal despite possible setbacks and unexpected changes along the way at this time. As we move through our deep psyche we may even discover and liberate more personal energy, strengths or initiatives that we may have missed if we’d bounded bravely forward at a faster rate.

So I don’t know about you but I choose to turn any frustration at slow forward motion into determination to release old outworn patterns that may hinder me in future if I gloss over them now. A potential challenge, as I don’t do frustration well, but I’m willing to give it a go for the potential benefits!



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