When Resistance Rears its Ugly Head!

We’ve all felt Resistance: that sinking pit in the stomach, the cold stone that drags in our heart, the mental pressure to “Run Away!” It can appear in various forms to different people. It can sap our strength and even cause us to do a complete U-turn on a goal, drop the ‘ball’ or give up something for which we’d held so much excitement and enthusiasm only a few moments or days before. … More When Resistance Rears its Ugly Head!


Getting past ‘Big A’ – Anxiety Gremlin

Big A is so sneaky, it pretends to be your thoughts. It even talks in the first person singular “I”, just so you take what it says as true.

Not only that, it keeps you out of the Right Here, Right Now moment, which is where your body, actual reality, and potential to do something lies. … Thing is, most of us haven’t been brought up to be aware that Big A even exists. It sneaks in when you’re little, given voice by the fearful comments from adults around you, then fed by your own insecurities as you grow up. Before you know it, Big A is looming unseen at the back of your mind, drip feeding poisonous or paralysing thoughts into your unsuspecting mind. … More Getting past ‘Big A’ – Anxiety Gremlin

Quantum Resonance Chamber

This week’s meditation sprang from a conversation with Sandy about tapping into our inner world’s connection with quantum healing energy. I was greatly inspired from our lively and thought provoking discussion, as well as drawing on what feels like ‘ancient’ personal history from my pre-mothering years when I was deeply immersed in quantum concepts raised … More Quantum Resonance Chamber